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Doesn’t matter if it is a large scale project or small fixed mount system Labouroo can provide experienced workforce for Piling projects all around Australia. As many of our workers have gained experience in different Solar Farm projects around Australia they would also bring their expertise and knowledge to any project allocated to them. Is it Surveying, Pile driving, Hard Rock Pre-drilling, Back filling, Solar Pile Load Testing or Mechanical Installation, our workforce is one of the best in the market known by their reliability, speed, skillset and safety record.

Your dependable Partner

As Labouroo has hands-on experience in the industry we can deliver an exceptional service and experience for our clients through our experienced consultants, management and staff. Since the beginning, we have provided a wide array of labour hire solutions across all divisions, whether traditional or in the renewable energy sector. A substantial solar boom is predicted in the following years. Consequently, a great number of solar farms are being built to supply the demand. Entrust us today with your workforce needs to help build a more sustainable future together with Labouroos dependable, professional partnership!

Complimentary fleet and accommodation

When you hire workforce from Labouroo we provide complimentary Fleet (minivans, utes) for our workers transport to and on-site use so client does not have to worry about transportation, insurance and maintenance of the fleet and saves money and time. Also, Labouroo organises all Accommodation and messing needs for our workforce wherever possible.

Quick and hassle-free recruitment process

Labouroo can provide workforce Australia wide with short notice. We have online based recruitment process in place and we always set up our site office near the project for our workers and clients support. We provide all essential PPE and organize medicals, DnA, payroll processing and quick management level problem solving service without any unnecessary hassle for the client.

Complimentary labour coordinator

We provide complimentary staffing coordinator to assist our workforce and paperwork on site. Labouroo will always go above and beyond to comply with all safety and IR requirements. At Labouroo, we are confident in our ability to address your staffing needs better than anyone else in Australia. Our 100% satisfied clients, workers and references from the past projects prove that. You can be confident that you’re partnering with a licensed, experienced and stand-out labour hire provider when you work with Labouroo.

We are here not to fit in we are here to stand out!

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