Project Description

Winton Solar Farm located around 25 km south-west of Wangaratta, near the town of Winton, in the shire of Benalla in central north Victoria where over 43 000 Piles were installed. The site covered approximately 250Ha of agricultural land currently used for livestock grazing. Winton Solar Farm will use the latest in solar energy generation technology. Solar energy will be captured using solar panels – like those seen on household rooftops – that will track the sun throughout the day to capture solar energy – a clean, infinite energy source

Labourooś involvement: Supplied labourers, piling operators, machinery operators, leading hands, Supervisor, and complimentary fleet for our client on-site.

Peak Power: 98.8 MW

Annual productions: 210 Gwh

Households Supplied: 52,000 Homes

Surface: 250 Hectares

100 MW Winton Solar Farm (PVH) VIC