Social Responsibility – Supporting the Wirrpanda Foundation

Launched in 2005 by former West Coast Eagles player David Wirrpanda, The
Wirrpanda Foundation aims to lead the provision of education and employment
opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians by working
together to empower and build capacity amongst individuals, their families and
their communities.
Started from 2020 Labouroo is proudly supporting the Wirrpanda Foundation
by donating 5 cents per every manhour worked, a donation is made every end of
the year December.
We genuinely believe that our support to the Wirrpanda Foundation will offer
better employment and development opportunities for indigenous people,
especially youths.

The Wirrpanda Foundation delivers culturally appropriate programs that are designed and delivered by Aboriginal people. These programs focus on assisting Aboriginal children, families, and the community to further develop and equip them with the skills to make significant social decisions that directly impact their lives. The priority of the Foundation remains to employ local Aboriginal role models who are empowered to build capacity in their own communities.

If you would like to know more about the Foundation and the work they do please visit