About us

Labouroo specialises in supplying reliable, skilled and qualified workforce to our clients that will not just fill a void at the workplace but one that achieves maximum efficiency. As our management has been hands-on on different sites since 2012, we recognise the hassle companies are having with so-called “zero-maintenance” labour-hire providers who often are anything but that. Whereas our approach is more personal, and our management is available on short notice to deal with issues whenever should they arise. We understand the nature and urgency of projects in different industries and pride ourselves on being available to all of our clients seven days a week to cooperate and resolve any issues as fast as possible. Our strength relies on a happy, hard-working and motivated workforce, as we are not only available for our clients seven days a week, we are also available for our employees seven days a week.


Labouroo – Dependable, Professional Partnership for your next project!

Renewable Energy Workforce

As Labouroo has hands-on experience in the industry we can deliver an exceptional service and experience for our clients through our experienced consultants, management and staff.

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Piling Workforce

Doesn’t matter if it is a large scale project or small fixed mount system Labouroo can provide experienced workforce for Piling projects all around Australia. As many of our workers have gained experience in different Solar Farm projects around Australia they would also bring their expertise and knowledge to any project allocated to them.

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Mining & Civil Workforce

As Labouroo started out in the mining sector, it is our bread and butter in many various ways. Labouroo can supply Skilled and reliable Machine operators and Trade Assistants.

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