Purchasing policy


Labouroo Group Pty Ltd has developed the following policy to create a safe and healthy workplace for workers and others. This policy outlines the rules, responsibilities, and procedures for purchasing plant, machinery, tools, furniture, chemicals, supplies and materials in our endeavour to eliminate or minimise the risks to workers.


This policy applies across the organisation of Labouroo Group Pty Ltd and all workplaces under our control.


  • Undertake training for the use, storage and transportation of the equipment or substance purchased; and
  • Use the Purchasing Procedures and Checklist and/or Purchasing Register when purchasing plant, machinery, tools, furniture, chemicals, supplies and materials; and
  • Eliminate or mitigate risks associated with purchasing or supplying goods and services by conducting risk assessments prior to purchase.


PCBU and Supervisors must:

  • Consult with workers regarding proposed purchases of new equipment, substances, and materials;
  • Obtain the risk control strategies for the safe use, transport or storage of any new equipment or substance from the manufacturer, supplier, or Australian Standards prior to purchasing;
  • Train workers in the safety aspects of the purchased equipment or substance;
  • Review Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) in relation to the newly purchased equipment or substance; and
  • Purchase and issue the appropriate PPE for use with the newly purchased equipment or substance.

Workers must:

  • Comply with the rules of this policy; and
  • Participate in any consultation and training relating to this policy.

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