Drug and alcohol policy

The abuse of alcohol and other drugs can damage physical and mental health as well as impair judgement and behaviour of those affected directly causing them to injure themselves or others. Austonia Trades P/L has developed this policy to create a healthy and safe workplace for all workers, subcontractors and visitors. This policy outlines the rules, responsibilities and procedures for drug and alcohol use. This policy applies across the organisation of Austonia Trades P/L and all workplaces under our control.

  • All workers are required to submit to a BAC test daily and must return a Blood Alcohol Reading of 0.00ml/l.
  • Workers must not consume or be under the influence of alcohol or other drugs while at work or during the course of their work for Austonia Trades P/L or they will be subject to disciplinary action that may result in termination of employment;
  • Not drive a vehicle on work-related business or to and from work if his/her blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level is above 0.00ml/l or if under the influence of any drugs which may impair their ability to drive;
  • Workers who require prescription or over the counter medication for a particular condition or illness, must notify management of the medication they are taking and any side effects that may occur. The worker will perform suitable duties while taking the medication. Should the medication be required for long term or permanent use and affects the worker doing their core responsibilities, consultation with their doctor may be required;
  • No worker is to commence work, or return to work while affected by alcohol or other drugs;
  • Workers who are aware that their co-workers, a subcontractor or visitor is affected by alcohol or drugs have a responsibility to report it to their supervisor/health and safety representative (HSR) so action may be taken immediately; and
  • If the supervisor believes the worker, subcontractor or visitor’s behaviour is unacceptable, immediate action is to be taken including an on the spot BAC test and possible removal of the individual from the workplace.

PCBU/Supervisors must:

  • Approach people in the workplace who may be affected by alcohol or other drugs;
  • Approach a worker who may have ongoing alcohol or drug-related problems that are affecting their work;
  • Encourage and refer workers to support and counselling via an Employee Assistance Program (EPA) as appropriate;
  • Implement corrective or disciplinary procedures;
  • Keep confidential records of alcohol or drug-related incidents or events;
  • Make sure that all workers understand the organisation’s Drug and Alcohol Policy and their roles and responsibilities;
  • Provide information to all workers about the potential health and safety impacts of alcohol and drugs at work;
  • Provide appropriate training to workers according to their roles and responsibilities; and
  • Consult with workers about this Policy so they can contribute to decisions effecting health, safety and welfare.

Workers must:

  • Comply with the rules of this policy;
  • Participate in consultation, company initiatives and any training in relation to alcohol and drug use; and
  • Discuss with their supervisor or other designated person and seek appropriate support for related problems.

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