Noise policy

Austonia Trades P/L has developed this policy to prevent permanent hearing loss caused by excessive noise or exposure to prolonged noise and create a safe and healthy workplace for all workers, subcontractors, and visitors. This policy outlines the rules, responsibilities, and procedures for managing noise.

This policy applies across the organisation of Austonia Trades P/L and across all workplaces under our control.

  • Monitor and control noise levels in the workplace;
  • Audiometric testing must be provided for workers required to frequently use personal hearing protectors as a control measure for noise that exceeds the exposure standard. Testing must be provided within three (3) months of the worker commencing work, and regular follow-up tests must be carried out at least every two (2) years; and
  • Wear appropriate personal protective equipment PPE.

PCBU/Supervisors must:

  • Implement and review this policy;
  • Consult with workers about this policy;
  • Provide resources, information, training, and supervision for workers to allow them to adhere to the rules, have the knowledge and resources to follow the procedures and understand their roles and responsibilities;
  • Provide appropriate control measures for safe work practices whenever there is constant and/or high exposure to noise;
  • Comply with statutory requirements, codes, standards, and guidelines;
  • Make sure all workers are aware of all control measures that are in place to reduce exposure to noise and the risk of constant exposure;
  • Eliminate or control the source of the noise by isolating the noise source from workers or make location a hearing protection area where PPE must be worn;
  • Be aware of and monitor the noise levels that workers will be subjected to through audiometric testing where required;
  • Where possible, purchase plant and equipment with safe working noise levels;
  • Implement the Noise Control Procedure and Checklist to monitor and control excessive noise in the workplace; and
  • Carry out regular inspection, tests and maintenance checks on all plant and equipment to make sure they are in safe working order.

Workers must:

  • Comply with the rules of this policy and follow procedures;
  • Report any incidents or complaints to the PCBU/Supervisor; and
  • Wear appropriate hearing protection when required.

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