Plant and equipment policy 

Austonia Trades P/L has developed this policy to provide a healthy and safe workplace for all workers, subcontractors, and visitors. This policy outlines the rules, responsibilities and procedures for plant and equipment, and also includes machinery and tools.

This policy applies across the organisation of Austonia Trades P/L and all workplaces under our control.

  • All plant and equipment brought into the workplace must have a current service / maintenance record, registration or be tagged and be recorded in the Plant and Equipment Register;
  • All workers must be trained, certified, or licensed and competent to operate specific plant and equipment;
  • Make sure workers and others are aware of the hazards and risks associated with the plant and equipment in the workplace;
  • Make sure workers and others are wearing the appropriate PPE;
  • If plant and equipment or the environment becomes unsafe, cease operation until risks have been eliminated or controlled; and
  • Tools and equipment issued to workers are to be recorded in the Tools and Equipment Register – Worker.

PCBU/Supervisors must:

  • Implement and review this policy and consult with workers regarding this policy;
  • Provide resources, information, training, and supervision for workers to allow them to adhere to the rules and have the knowledge and resources to follow the rules, procedures and understand their roles and responsibilities;
  • Carry out an assessment to determine the most appropriate type of plant and equipment for the job at hand;
  • Use the Plant and Equipment Hazard Checklist to identify hazards specific to the plant or equipment and follow the Risk Management Procedure for managing risks posed by identified hazards;
  • Maintain plant and equipment to comply with Australian Standards and / or manufacturer’s recommendations and record all maintenance in the Plant and Equipment Maintenance Register.
  • Choose a suitable location for the plant to operate in;
  • Make sure safety features and warning devices are provided and are working effectively;
  • Make sure all machine guards are in place and in good working order;
  • Carry out appropriate tests, checks and inspections to the plant and equipment as per manufacturer’s instructions;
  • Record all incidents and near misses;
  • Carry out inspections on all hired plant and equipment.

Workers must:

  • Comply with the rules of this policy;
  • Participate in consultation and training regarding working near and operating plant and equipment;
  • No worker is to interfere or alter any plant or equipment;
  • Carry out regular inspection and maintenance of plant and equipment before and during use;
  • Have relevant certificates or licenses to operate any plant or equipment;
  • Report any faulty plant and equipment to their PCBU/supervisor; and
  • Report all hazards, incidents and near misses to their officer/supervisor.

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