Austonia Trades P/L has developed this policy to provide a healthy and safe smoke-free workplace for all workers contractors and visitors. There are many studies to indicate the harmful effects of smoking and passive smoking. This policy outlines the rules, responsibilities and procedures for a smoke-free workplace.

This policy applies across the organisation of Austonia Trades P/L and all workplaces under our control.

  • No smoking is allowed in any indoor or enclosed areas including the toilets, corridors and company vehicles;
  • No smoking within 5 meters of any building doorway or window, air conditioning intake vents/systems;
  • Smoke breaks are to be taken in worker’s official meal breaks only;
  • Smoking is only allowed in the designated smoking areas where provided;
  • Notify the PCBU/supervisor of any breaches to the Smoke-Free Workplace Policy; and
  • Smokers must not smoke within 15metres of materials or substances that are flammable, hazardous or dangerous.

PCBU/Supervisors must:

  • Implement and review this policy;
  • Consult with workers about this Smoke-Free Workplace Policy so workers can contribute to decisions affecting their health, safety and welfare;
  • Make sure all workers understand the organisation’s smoke-free workplace policy and their roles and responsibilities;
  • Provide information to all workers about the potential health and safety impacts smoking has at work;
  • Provide access to professional counselling and support services when appropriate;
  • Make sure practical measures are undertaken to protect workers in relation to their health, safety and welfare;
  • Erect signs using standard symbols clearly indicating to workers and the public that the indoor areas are no-smoking; and
  • Inform workers that not complying with the Smoke-Free Workplace Policy may result in personally liable and fines under the Work Health and Safety (WHS) Act.

Workers must:

  • Comply with the rules of this policy;
  • Participate in any consultation and training relating to this policy; and
  • Report any worker who is in breach of the policy to the PCBU/supervisor.